M y   f a v o u r i t e   c o l o r   i s   b l a c k I n k   s t a i n s   a r e   m y   f a v o u r i t e   k i n d   o f   b l a c k b r i n g   t h e   r u c k u s  

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Interactive archive

Antipedia is a web-based, free-content encyclopedia that is based on rejected or irrelevant wikipedia content. Antipedia scans wikipedia revision history on content that was added but deleted in a next revision. The website hopes to give an alternative to the usual approach of defining words through saying what it should mean.

Visit the project.

If we are to give everything its due, brute force is sometimes a very poetic thing too


A website designed to brute force all rhymes. Using natural language toolkit and browns dictionary a server is generating all rhyming sentences using a python script. Since it's conception on 12 february 2021, the server systematically checks all possible rhyming stanza's consisting of two lines and documents them in .txt files.

Visit the project.

Game of life prints

3D-printer / processing / gcode

Building on the code from Elias Heuninck and ideas from tools for things and ideas, I'm printing 18 variations of ten-cell infinite growth patterns in Conway's game of life (thanks to Nick Gotts). The patterns are printed using a droplet-based approach using gcode generated from custom processing-scripts.

Video (1,2), Image (1,2,3).

Profiling Pollution & Derived Scrolling

Chrome extension

Profiling pollution is an extension that scrolls and likes in your facebook feed randomly. It attempts to confuse facebook profiling algorithms.

While the extension is scrolling, it takes screenshots of articles in each users facebook wall. This page reassembles those screenshots, giving an alternative place to scroll mindlessly, without evil data extraction. Just as algorithms push our dopamine buttons without consent, we could make an attempt at pushing theirs.

Find the project website here or download the extension here

New Noise

Python script / program

A script that breaks your operating systems copy-paste function. Whenever text gets copy-pasted the script adds one mistake to the pasted text, mutating the original content.

You find the python code for the project here.
The executable files for windows and mac are to be downloaded here.

An essay on why language is deprecated

book / a.i.

The book contains 474 pages of text generated by the GPT-2 algorithm. In the book, an artificial intelligent algorithm reflects on the use of language and its importance.

If you are interested in reading or buying a paperback version of the book mail me, or check your local library.

Define recursive

Text / visualisation

A python script automizes recursively replacing words by definitions. Results are text-based and visualizations. In linguistical context using different definitions as starting conditions give birth to radically different and chaotic results.

Three paper rolls and some nametags

Raspberry Pi / Object recognition

A machine that draws random shapes on a roll of paper. Drawings get titled or defined by an object recognition algorithm using mobilenet. See the machine in action here

Bird radio


My bird can pull levers to play samples: from Chopin to Pantera; from Coltrane to Gigi D'Agostino. Sometimes I stream his sets live as an online radio show.


Word2vec visualisation

An interface for navigating through big texts using word2vec adjusted for use with different corpora.
(Very buggy at the moment)

Generic Video Montage

Processing - Video montage

Mixes multiple video's into one montage. The montage is generated based on key events in the source files. The program makes a montage using different video and audio files and regenerates a new timeline.